Project Description

Blackjack Battle

July 7 & August 11

Starts at 7 PM | Final Round at 10:30 PM

Grand Prize: Gas Grill

A twist on traditional blackjack, in this game each player is competing against every other player to NOT get a blackjack. Contestants who are dealt a blackjack are knocked out of the tournament — one player will be left standing to win the grand prize!

Game Play & Rules:
Seven players will be drawn every half hour to compete in Blackjack Battle, the winner of each heat will advance to the final round where one lucky winner will win the grand prize.

Blackjack Battle Rules: At the designated time the MC will draw seven qualifiers for Blackjack Battle.The winners will have 3 minutes to report to the 21 pit to compete in the battle. In the event all qualifiers are not present in the amount of time given, new qualifiers will be drawn to fill the remaining open seats and given 3 minutes to report to the Pit, and so on and so forth.

In blackjack battle the first player to receive a natural blackjack will fall out of the competition, each player to receive a natural blackjack thereafter will be eliminated and the last player standing will win.

Details: When all qualifiers are present, they will draw for seat positions to play Blackjack Battle. Each player will receive 2 cards (excluding the dealer), after every hand a dealer button will move around the table in a clockwise rotation to the next player. There can only be one blackjack per round to knock a player out, in the event two or more players receive a blackjack the round will be considered a draw, nobody will be eliminated and move to the next round of play. The game will be played with a 6 deck shoe; all 2s, 3s and 4s will be removed from each deck to intensify the competition and speed up the game. (management may opt to leave the 4s in the deck if the pace of the game is too fast.)

Must be a Players Club member to be eligible. Must be present to win. We reserve the right to change, cancel or modify any or all promotions when necessary. See pit personal for final rules and regulations. 

For questions please call: (800) 294-5454 ext. 7611

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