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Last day of the season is August 14!

Sponsored by Chairman Fox’s Office

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 3-7 PM
Friday, Aug. 12, 3-7 PM
Sunday, Aug. 14, 3-7 PM

Make a splash with the entire family by bringing them to the 4 Bears Water Park. Water slides and splash pad? We got ‘em. A lazy river and sun deck for the parents? You bet. And with the toddler area, wildflower green spaces and concession stand, get ready for a full day of summer fun.

4 Bears Water Park Amenities: 

  • 2,375 square foot splash feature
  • Zero entry lazy river with action channel
  • 3 water slides: 1 speed slide and 2 twist slides
  • Toddler splash pad
  • Sun bathing deck
  • Designated birthday party area
  • Concession and bathhouse building
  • Wildflower and natural grass green areas
  • All swimmers 13 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult

SEASON 2022: June 14-August 14, 2022


Tuesday-Sunday: 3 PM-7 PM
Private Party Rental: 11 AM-3 PM


Adults                                                                          $10
Kids (must be a companied by an adult)              $6
Infant                                                                           Free
Non-Swimmer                                                            $4

4 Bears waterpark reserves the right to deny or refuse services and/or privileges.

Please inquire about group rates and family passes.

Any questions comments or concerns please call Dennis Bunner (701-421-1340) or Leslie.


25% Discount for MHA enrolled members. Discount not applied when using comp dollars.


Season pass must be physically presented at gate.

Season passes must have photo and full name.

Season passes grant access to public swim only.

No access during private parties or events.

Upon purchase present receipt to front gate to exchange for season pass card.

One season pass per patron, all underage patrons must be accompanied by an adult.



Beverage –                                      $3.00

Hot Dog –                                       $3.00

Chips –                                            $2.00

Candy –                                           $1.00

Kool Pop –                                      $2.00

Pizza (slice)-                                    $4.00

Hamburger-                                    $5.00

Cheeseburger-                                $6.00

Slushie-                                            $4.00

Combo 1
Cheeseburger, chips, beverage, kool pop                             $10.00

Combo 2
Burger, Slushie, chips, candy                                                  $10.00

Combo 4
Hotdog, candy, beverage                                                          $5.00

Combo 5
2 Slice pizza, 2 slushies                                                             $12.00

Combo 6
2 Cheeseburgers, 2 chips, 2 beverages                                  $18.00

Combo 7
2 hotdogs, 2 chips, 2 beverages                                              $12.00



All parties are 11 AM-3 PM. Wristband are good for the entire swim day. Parties are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Add-ons must be ordered 72hrs in advance, to ensure timely delivery. To book, call Dennis Bunner at (701) 421-1340 or click here.

Bronze Party – $600

  • 50 Tickets
  • 7 Pizzas’
  • 5 12-pack soda of choice
  • Full access to all amenities
  • Completely private party (4 hours)
  • Lifeguards on duty

Silver Party – $800

  • 80 Tickets
  • 10 Pizzas’
  • 8 12-pack soda of choice
  • Full access to all amenities
  • Completely private party (4 hours)
  • Lifeguards on duty
  • 1/2 concessions (no hot foods)
  • Sound system with microphone and AUX connection

Gold Party – $1,000

  • 120 Tickets
  • 13 Pizzas’
  • “Bring your own party”, allows you to bring outside food and beverages (no alcohol)
  • 12 12-pack soda of choice
  • Full access to all amenities
  • Completely private party (4 hours)
  • Lifeguards on duty
  • Full concessions
  • Sound system with microphone and AUX connection

Due to the high volume of reservations, all cancellations are subject to $100 scheduling fee. All reschedules are “as available” and are subject to $100 scheduling fee, if the requested date is booked a refund will be issued. All weather-related cancellations will be rescheduled or refunded at the cost of 4 Bears. Water park supervisor or manager will deem weather cancellations or suggest rescheduling, please see Inclement Weather Policy for details.

In order to ensure the health and safety or our guests 4 Bears Waterpark implements an inclement weather policy. The following policy is a guideline and criteria that if met the Waterpark Supervisor or Training manager will deem the waterpark closed for operations. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Lightning
  • Thunder
  • Air temperature Below 70 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water Temp Below 70 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Natural disaster (tornado, blizzard, Flood, Hail, etc.)
  • Major Chemical imbalance

*Please note simple rain is not a weather condition that requires closure.

It is the responsibility of the Waterpark supervisor or Training Manager to use fair judgement to deem the waterpark inoperable, other options include closing slides in high wind situations, closing individual pools for imbalances, waiting for storm to pass, or a delayed opening.


Terms and Conditions

Any comments, questions, or concerns regarding your reservation please contact Ashley Bullis (510)-509-4781 or Dennis Bunner (701)-421-1340. 4 Bears Waterpark strictly enforce a clean-up policy; “upon completion of the reserved party, said party agrees to remove and clean any and all-party decorations and/or food and beverages from premise, failure to comply may result in a cleaning fee,” a wristband policy; ”All patrons must be wearing a wristband to enter and remain on premise, any patron without a wristband will be asked to leave.” All cancellations will be subject to $100 scheduling fee. Reschedules are “as available” if the requested date is booked, a refund will be processed with said $100 scheduling fee. All weather-related cancellations will be rescheduled or refunded at the cost of 4 Bears. Waterpark supervisor or manager will deem weather cancellations or suggest rescheduling. Please be advised 4 Bears Waterpark reserves the right to refuse service. 4 Bears Waterpark reserve the right to revoke or suspend amenity privileges. 4 Bears Waterpark is a non-smoking, drug and alcohol-free establishment, including the parking facility, no tailgating. Parent or guardian must accompany children. Absolutely no supervising from parking lot. 4 Bears Waterpark is not liable for any lost or stolen items. Please be advised all lifeguards are American Red Cross Certified, also understand the risk and dangers associated with the water park. Horse play and roughhousing will not be tolerated. By accepting the reservation, you are accepting the terms and conditions.



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